TAB 2022 invites to participate in Open Call for the International Architecture Schools Exhibition “Handful”

Open Call for “Handful”the International Architecture Schools Exhibition targets current students, practicing architects and other spatial practitioners.
Deadline: 31 March 2022

“Handful” takes a look at manual skills and material knowledge as important tools in the toolbox of today’s architect and investigates how handy wisdom affects spatial practice.

“Is manual dexterity a mere remnant of a romanticized past, or could manual workbe part of the future that leads us to slow architecture and a post-growth economy?We may not be naive enough to believe that working with our hands will save usbut it may help us expand our imagination.”

The exhibition is curated by architects and spatial artists Merilin Kaup, MargusTammik and Ulla Alla. The curators are reaching out for makers and thinkers involved in ‘‘handful’’ practice or knowledge. “The Exhibition ‘Handful’ invites people who learn and teach manual techniques: old and new, proven and experimental, international and vernacular, hybrids of the hand and digital, and the cunning use of new machines and the misuse of old tools,” the curators explain.

The International Architecture Schools Exhibition is happening for the fifth time during the Tallinn Architecture Biennale. The exhibition opens on 7 September 2022. The techniques and works by selected artists will be exhibited at an exhibition during the biennale together with workshops.

See full brief and a timetable: