TAB 2022 Head Curators invite to participate at FUTURE FOOD DEAL Open Call

The OPEN CALL urges young and emerging architects, designers and thinkers to reimagine planetary food systems in relation to  architecture’s expressive capacity to metabolize, digest and generate resources. The Deadline for Submissions is May 13, 2022.
The Future Food Deal Open Call seeks a diverse range of projects developed in the form of cookbooks and manuals that will constitute new guidelines of food-driven and food-oriented projects within design disciplines.Submitted proposals are invited to explore the principles of kinship, interspecies alliances, circularity, and localization and to ask what new rituals, practices and architectures can emerge from the networks of food production, consumption distribution and decay. The FUTURE FOOD DEAL will be showcased in the main curatorial exhibition of 2022 Tallinn Architecture Biennale in the format of guidelines and open manuals. 
“When we analyze the impact of food systems in architecture and cities we realize that our discipline requires new guidelines for design” say head curators Lydia Kallipoliti and Areti Markopoulou. “The Open Call invites architects and designers from all over the world to actively participate in the creation of an open library of solutions that guides designers, provides knowledge or “recipes” for novel practices, and raises awareness on the implications of food systems and the built environment. This open library-our collective Future Food Deal – will be exhibited within TAB 2022 Edible;Or, the Architecture of Metabolism and will be freely shared with the design community”.
Future Food Deal calls for submission of projects and ideas that address one or more of the following categories: Farm and the City; From Urban Farm to Fork; All you can eat; Eaten away; Food Justice. The OPEN CALL is interdisciplinary and open to individuals, collectives, institutions, or industrial partnerships whose proposals reimagine the relationships between food systems and the architecture of buildings and cities. 
There are no restrictions on eligibility. Work may range from practical proposals to speculative projects that imagine far-future contexts in the form of manuals and guidelines.
The Deadline for Submissions is May 13, 2022. The form of submission is via digital upload. Entries shall be submitted in digital format as a .zip or .rar folder (max 2GB) through: Please see more information about the submission requirements and a full brief on TAB 2022 web: