Recommendations for opening days

Wednesday, September 7
19:00-21:00 Opening of the TAB 2022 installation and main exhibition “EDIBLE” @ Estonian Museum of Architecture
This is not to be missed as both, TAB 2022 curators and also the team of the installation, have prepared for this moment over a year. We can promise there will be some surprises during the opening!

Thursday, September 8
9:30-18:00 Day 1 of 2-day symposium “EDIBLE” @ Tallinn Creative Hub
Be ready to be inspired!
Topics will cover:

-How can design combined with nature and technologies change the field of architecture towards more circular and productive practises?
-What are the new materials for buildings and where do resources come from?
-What is the future of urbanity and how to plan for circular and inclusive cities?

PS! Don’t miss the 2nd day as well!

13:00 Opening of the Vision Competition “CIRCULAR BLOCK: Reinventing the mikrorayon” @ Poordi 3 pedestrian street
If you are interested how the future city of Tallinn should look like, grab a hot drink and come with us to explore the new visions of Lasnamäe district. Exhibition is open in a public space until September 25.

19:00 Opening of Wood Works exhibition: “There is a forest in my backyard but my house is built from trees grown far away” @ Põhjala Factory
If wood is your material of interest than this awarded exhibition is definitely a must go! Irish and Estonian architects teamed up to understand better different perceptive of wood.

Friday, September 9
12:00 Curatorial tour at the main exhibition “EDIBLE” @ Estonian Museum of Architecture
If you want to have a quick break from the symposium this is the one and only opportunity to get some insight about the TAB 2022 main exhibition.

12:30 Opening of International Architecture Schools exhibition “Handful” @EKKM garden
This project took a look at manual skills and material knowledge as important tools in the toolbox of today’s architect. PS! If you want to haave hands on experience yourself, there will be workshops on Sunday, September 11th.

20:00 TAB Gala @ Tallinn Cultural Hub
This year we are very excited about the gala as there will be some amazing food by local foodie Korilase kitchen and beautiful and mystical music by Estonian performer Maarja Nuut. Of course this is just a surface and there will be much more to look forward to. Party will continue next door at our friends space at Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia.

Saturday, September 10
12:00 Children’s programme “EDIBLE” @ Estonian Museum of Architecture
All children aged 6-8 years are welcomed at the museum where they can use their imagination and make something new from ready-made models – houses, sculptures or something else entirely. There will be two more workshops in October and November as well.

12:00 – 17:00 Musicity tour around North Tallinn
Don’t miss this opportunity to hear some of the best Estonian Musicians and learn more about interesting buildings around North of Tallinn. Tour starts at Noblessner and will end at Põhjala Factory.

See the full opening days schedule here!