2-day Symposium



Tallinn Creative Hub

Edible  is an international 2-day Symposium, seeking to generate a profound debate on the intersections of architecture, food systems, and regenerative design.

The Symposium brings together prominent architects and theorists with environmental philosophers, scientists and entrepreneurs to discuss topics including The Farm and the City, Interspecies Alliances, From Waste to Matter, Slow Buildings and Circular Blocks, among others.

From architecture that makes food, to architecture that is eaten away, participants will be called to participate in a lively curated conversation on designing the lifecycles of our built environment, as well as new principles of inhabitation in urban environments.

Keyspeakers include Beatriz Colomina, Effekt Architects, and Andres Jacque, among others.

TAB 2022 Symposium is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund. The main goals of the conference is to bring together architecture community, to learn, to exchange ideas and to inspire.