OCCO, our main partner for symposium, disrupts the world by digitalising the interior design industry

  • OCCO platform saves up to 27% of working time for interior architects
  • The platform gives access to 800+ top furnishing brands in Europe 
  • The company was founded in 2016 to offer interior furnishing solutions and has completed 300+ projects in Europe 
  • The search engine is fast and efficient, giving the users matches based on keywords or photo reference
  • Sign up for the AI powered platform at 

A regular day of an interior architect includes countless e-mails, going through paper catalogues, price proposals on PDFs and excel sheets – just to find the right items for the client. All these steps take hours of valuable time that could be used in a lot more efficient way such as designing new projects. OCCO was founded back in 2016 to offer interior furnishing solutions and thanks to working with hundreds of interior architects, has created something unique. An AI powered platform that helps to simplify time-consuming tasks and provides a variety of features and benefits that make interior design professionals’ work processes effective and convenient. 

OCCO is here to innovate the interior design industry

OCCO’s extensive database helps the designers find suitable products and needed alternatives faster than ever, therefore saving time and money. OCCO’s digital platform has been proven to save on average 27% of a design specialist’s monthly working time and it gives direct access to over 800 high quality interior design brands from Europe. Interior architects can now have a real-time overview of the projects, products, and budgets – all in one place.

“The OCCO platform provides surprising and interesting search results that has led us to different choices and proposals in our interior design projects. It is great to learn about new or unfamiliar manufacturers and their products. It saves us time in research for new products and it makes it easier to find solutions within our projects’ budget boundaries ” says Casper Schwarz.